Speaking Topics

Dan has dozens of other topics.
Below are some of the most poplular.

A Q&A and/or book signing can also be included with any topic.

Failing Greatly
 Keynote ​Address

The Seven Lessons I Learned Losing (Almost) Everything

​​​​​​​Dan brings his personal story to life in this high-energy signature keynote address. Your audience will go on an emotional journey with Dan and instantly relate to and learn from his anecdotal narrative. Upon leaving, they will be equipped with tools and insights to make them more powerful and productive in their personal and professional lives.

​​​The Three
Principles of Success

A fast, furious and enthusiastic talk by Dan to inspire and motivate your audience. He will reveal the three principles experienced while on his odyssey from failure to success and balance. Complete with intimate details of some of his worst days, including bankruptcy and near homelessness, Dan will share how he bounced back and found success and balance in both life and business and how others can do the same.

​​ Fighting Commission Compression with White-Glove,
Concierge Service

The title speaks for itself. Real Estate, historically, has only done an average job in the customer service realm. In this age of instant gratification, 
acceleration of expectation, and commission compression, providing incredible customer service to the client is quickly becoming paramount. Learn how to quickly differentiate yourself from the competition, add more value to the clients, and make their time working with you a truly 5-star experience that will keep them coming back for more and have the referrals rolling in.

Lead Generation
Lead Conversion

A business without leads is out of business. A business that gets leads but can’t convert them is out of business as well. Spend an action packed session with Dan as he breaks down how to obtain more leads and how to do a better job of converting those leads into profit. Your audience is guaranteed to find this session one of the most entertaining they have ever attended as well as being able to walk away with a plan they can put into practice within minutes.

What Commercial and Retail Real Estate will look like in the
Not-So-Distant Future

Dan details how companies like Amazon and Alibaba have reshaped the retail space. Disruption and Innovation are happening everywhere, from the Main Streets of America to the malls around the world. He shares some ideas of what it will all soon look like and what the landscape might look like further out, a generation from now.

The $$$ 
is in the
(Follow Up)

It's funny, especially written like that, but it's true and grabs the attention of the audience right away. And, an audience clamoring to arrive early to snag a good seat for a hilarious and educational talk is always a good thing. Dan will make certain 
they leave with a crystal clear picture of how they can stop losing opportunities, and commission checks,
from leads and contacts already on their radar but simply forgotten about. He details all the benefits of not chasing or buying new leads and details techniques of leveraging the existing ones into closings.

Door Knocking & 
Prospecting with Technology

It's a brand new world and technology is redefining it for in what seems to be a constant and continuous upheaval of the tried and true methods used to succeed for so many years. Go on this journey with Dan to discover how even the most non-techies out there can not only survive but also thrive in the digital age that we find ourselves living and working in.

7 Traits of
Top Producers Versus Average Producers

What are the traits of those who excel, the top producers, in almost any field? What separates them from their competition? Why do they outperform their peers? Dan has identified seven traits shared by these successful individuals and shares not only what they are but why they matter so much. He also identifies seven traits that are in contrast to those and that are shared among average producers. Your audience will leave with a tangible report card of the changes they need to consider making to reach the upper levels of success.

Building a
Six-Figure Income, 
One Coffee at a Time

​​Baby Boomers love coffee. Generation Xers love coffee. Even those fabled Millenials love coffee. So why not use a sit down at the coffee shop as a tool for your business? But, it's more than that. Dan will break down for the audience how relationships can be discovered, built and strengthened over a cup o' Joe. He'll provide ideas and insights on how to create an entire business plan around it.

Change or Die

Based on the quote from one of Dan's mentors, "You are where you are in life because you are okay with it; if you were not, you would change." Dan will draw the audience in with a personal story about being afraid to change and how he finally had a break through. He will then deliver seven steps they can put into place the very next day to begin to change their circumstances, their level of success and ultimately their lives.

How Real Estate Agents can make a Fortune from a Single Open House

If you are a real estate agent or a broker/owner/manager, then you understand both the potenial income opportunities as well as the frustrations that go with open houses. Allow Dan to completly redefine for the audience how they can turn their weekend afternoon activities into a cash cow and to not only be a source of business and income, but their primary tool for market domination.

It's ALL about
Social Proof 
with  Millenials

Quickly becoming the largest demographic of real estate transactions, Millenials are redefining the standard ideas of marketing. The importance of personal referrals is fading. Stepping out of the shadows are reviews and more importantly the power of story telling. Dan will assist the audience with making sense of all the changes and detail methods to take advantage of the validation and corrobortion buyers and sellers are seeking more and more.

Customized Speaking

Dan can custom-tailor an option for your needs. Be it sales, mindset, motivation, time management, goal setting, leadership or another theme, he will collaborate with you to design a program for your audience that will be powerful, memorable, and impactful. 

Who knew?
Grocery carts and therapy sessions! 

In the hustle and bustle society we are now a part of where instant communication and dissapearing content are not only the norm but seemingly required it's easy to become overwhelmed. In fact, we have more stress in our lives thtn ever before. The go go go atmosphere dominates the space around us where not only what seems like 1,000 24-hour news channels are churing out content but mobile apps with no real apparant need have taken center stage. Ever feel like SkyNet has swallowed up your reality? Snapchat, Facetime, TikTok; the list goes on and on. Listen to Dan share his memories of how a trip to the grocery store and a simple wobbly-wheeled shopping cart saved his sanity. The audience will laugh almost non during this keynote while walking away with more "a-ha's" than they thought possible.


Success usually comes down to one word, discipline. Which disiplines are the most important?
Understanding the what, why, and how can make all the difference. Discipline leads to victory. Lack of it to defeat. Dan will share his own tales of discipline and motivate the audience to makes changes in their lives and their day to day activities to help see greater results and enjoy more fulfillment than ever before.


Whether it's real estate, cars, life insurance, cell phones, extreme sports equipment or investments, the higher the skill level the more successful a salesperson will be. In this high-powered interactive workshop Dan brings to life the forgotten art of selling. For the audience this will be unlike any training session they've ever attended. Recognized as one of the top salespersons in the world, Dan will not just tell them what to do; he'll regularly have them out of their seats crossing swords and debating new methods and strategies with each other. For the audience, rather than leaving with the feeling as though they survived another corporate training, 
this workshop will have them depart with a sense of accomplishment and feeling of self-discovery. What they will learn they will be able to implement right away to increase their productivity and profitability.

7 Traits of

Leaders, or at least the great ones, share the same traits. We can learn from these leadership icons how to be better leaders. Leadership is not a god-given ability, but a skill to be rigourously honed and practiced. What does it take to be a great leader? Dive in with Dan to explore seven traits that the true greats used to make them the best of the best. Explore what legends Kobe Bryant, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison and others all had in common. Walk away with a plan to execute the lessons learned and live those traits the very next day in your leadership role.