Strategy Sessions with Dan
Successful individuals in practically every  walk of life have one thing in common. They all have someone to help them develop a strategy and execute on it.

Those who excel in what they do have received support, guidance and accountability on their way to the top. Athletes, sales persons, actors, musicians, singers, multi-level marketers, business executives; the list goes on and on. Identify a super-star in just about any profession and in almost every case you'll find that person didn't do it alone.

Strategy Sessions with Dan are highly intensive and an experience that will help you find success and balance in both life and business. He will be your guide on the  journey to achieving your dreams; Both professionaly and personally. As someone who experienced amazing levels of success, followed by tremendous failures, followed again by an even greater amount of success while finally finding a life of balance, Dan will help you learn from from his wins and his losses.

He will assist you on your climb of the mountains of achievement while helping you avoid the hidden and painful pitfalls along the way. Dan will work closely with you to strategize and develop a comprehensive game-plan to help design your goals, implement the steps necessary to achieve them, and identify the accountabilities to put in place to keep you on track.  

How it works:

*   You will receive a one hour in person or live video (your choice) Strategy Session each month

* You will receive two Strategy Calls per month one-on-one with Dan. 

*   No long-term contract terms. Dan's program is a month-to-month obligation. Unlike others, Dan doesn't believe in handcuffing you into a long-term contract. It is his belief that the one or two year obligations others require make it very dificult for most individuals to take the leap of faith required to get involved and receive the help they are seeking. 

*   Invitation to attend Members-Only Events

*   Invitation to participate in Private Mastermind Groups

*   In-person one-time Strategy Sessions available as  are  Strategy Sessions by the hour
“Strategy is a conscious and deliberate process. It's an intensive implementation system for insuring future success."

"I have been working with Dan for over 6 years. My business has grown more than I would ever have imagined. He's helped me every step of the way. He's motivating, inspirational, funny, and he truly cares about my success. He has helped me with all parts of my business, helps me make plans and holds me accountable to stick to them. He is always just a phone call away and every time I text him for help, he responds within minutes, like a lifeline. He's not only helpful with my profession but he's always there to help me through non-business related issues that get in the way, so I look at him not only as a business but as a life strategy partner when I need it. With Dan, it's not just about working hard. He helps develop plans on how to have a balanced life; Work hard and play hard."

Lauri Strain, ReMax
San Luis Obisbo, California

"Working with Dan Smith has increased my business by 20 percent each year and given me more balance to my personal life. He has been where we are and knows our struggles intimately."

Heather Gennette, The Gennette Group
Orange County, California

"Dan has changed the way I am doing business. I now focus on
cash-producing activities instead of busy work that isn’t producing any income. Every week I am reminded of what I’m supposed to do. It’s been a real game changer."

Laura Ford, Ford Enterprises 
Parker, Arizona

"Since I began to strategize with Dan I have doubled my income. I can specifically point to issues Dan helped me through that resulted in specific income (which dwarfed the program expense). The energy he brings to the calls and his level of collaboration is off the chart!

Ron Gifford, Ron Gifford & Associates
Ocean City, New Jersey

$1,500.00 a month

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